An easy "how-to" video to Haunt your home

Learn from the best! Our experts have done visual effects, costumes, and set decoration for television shows and movies, but you do not need to be an expert. Unlike some Halloween How-To programs, all of these projects are easy to understand and execute, yet the results will make everyone green with envy! You will learn how to do thrilling effects and decorations for the home. Many of the “scares” use items found around the house.

A Haunted HOW-TO Program that shows you simple ways to create Hollywood- and-Transylvania Quality Decorations, Gags, Tricks, Treats, and Effects for your home, castle, or graveyard.

Learn HOW-TO: Create realistic lightning Make a hand-grabber candy bowl Use black lights to set the place a-glow Create dummies & illuminated props Make your own fake blood Use free stuff found in your own backyard Use fans, leaf blowers, gloves, old-clothes and other common items to create effects and much, much more!

Hollywood Secrets Revealed!

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