10 Halloween Music Videos!

Halloween Scarols are the first-ever Hip-Hoppin-Halloween MusicVideos. Count Rapula could send the Monster Mash to it's grave. These are major crowd-pleasers. Boys and Ghouls from 2 to 102 will dig these bone tappin’ hits!

"Twas the Night of Halloween" 3:17

"Out on a Doorstep" 1:44

"Scary Big Green Frankenstein" 1:57

"Popcorn Balls" 1:30

"Count Rapula" 3:41

"Haunt the Halls" 0:43

"13 Days of Halloween" 4:26

"Oh Pumpkin Patch" 1:31

"Monsters We Have Heard Tonight" 1:07

"We Wish You a Happy Halloween" 2:05

The music videos can be used in illusions like BigScreamTV Vols 1-3.

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