Make GIANT DEMONS appear in the dark!

Novelty Video for Use as Visual Wallpaper or Ambient Background for Parties or Feature in Windows to Terrorize, Scare, and Mesmerize Halloween visitors. It's perfect for Home Haunters and even used in professional Haunts (with our permission for commercial use.)

Talk about demon possession! You're gonna die once you possess this. After years of clamoring from our fans, we are offering up this first scary DVD. Although all of our multi-media is entertaining, most of it is family friendly. This is NOT. This is intended for more "evil" yet fun applications.

This DVD provides a visual of one or a pair of scary eyes along with vocals and includes 3 Eyes: ClownEye, DollEye and MumEye. Play one or Play all: Option to select which eye(s) play(s) Play Single or Double eyes: Option to play the eye as one giant image or a pair of smaller eyes. The ClownEye tells twisted jokes that just kill the audience every night! The MumEye threatens his incarnation, and, best of all, the seemingly innocent DollEye will be the talk of any haunt. There's nothing more scary than a lifeless little dolly. She's gonna just kill you!

INSIGHT: A Fun Tips & How-To section to give you enough foresight to create stunning tricks that are an eye full! Upon selection, each eye plays indefinitely. All Eyes are accompanied by a soundtrack.

Just lay your EYEs on this!


Not for Younger (PG-16) or more sensitive viewers.

No "cussing," but intentionally offensive demonic language includes "kill," blood," and "die." Eye warned you!

DVD $16.99

Download $14.99

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