Special Edition for 2006!

Make GIANT Monsters appear in the dark!

Novelty Video for Use as Visual Wallpaper or Ambient Background for Parties or Feature in Windows to Amaze, Thrill, & Mystify Halloween Trick-or-Treaters.

This DVD provides a visual of one or a pair of scary eyes along with vocals and includes 3 Eyes: The Oculus, SnakeEye and Evil Eye. Play one or Play all: Option to select which eye(s) play(s) Play Single or Double eyes: Option to play the eye as one giant image or a pair of smaller eyes.

INSIGHT: A Fun Tips & How-To section to give you enough foresight to create stunning tricks that are an eye full! Upon selection, each eye plays indefinitely. All Eyes are accompanied by a soundtrack.

Just lay your EYEs on this!

(contains previously released material)

DVD $16.99

Download $14.99

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