Living Crystal Ball Illusions!

Packed with Mystical Beings! There are many different characters on "Big Scream TV!" Each appear one after another in the middle of the TV screen addressing the viewer. The characters on this DVD have a supernatural edge, such as fortune tellers, genies, magicians, and wizards. All are family friendly. A frightening and less frightening track is selectable for younger or more sensitive viewers.

This simple and inexpensive product will give the best darn "animated effects" possible for home use. With everyone scrambling to buy animatronics, wacky lighting, etc. (and turn their homes into mini amusement parks) this product leads the bunch. Like software for your computer, it's basically "Scareware" for your TV. Rather than just cardboard, glowing lights, or shaking plastic, this delivers light, color, sound, image, visual effects, best bang-for-the-buck and the highest quality gags you can get for the home. The images could easily be used in a commercial haunted house.

Easy to Use.

Simply play on your TV set. Relocate the TV near windows for Trick-or-treaters to enjoy or keep the TV where it is for parties. As a bonus feature on the DVD, a "How-To" section shows consumers how they can take a few extra steps and spend a few extra dollars to turn their TV into a Home Amazement Machine.

DVD $16.99

Download $14.99

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