What you'll need: (Items not shown to consistent scale)
Large Plastic Storage Bin.
Small section of PVC pipe (less than a foot)
3.5 inch diameter.
3.5 to 2 inch adapter.
Two 45 degree elbows for 3.5 inch PVC.
Small piece of wire mesh or chicken wire.
(Must be as tall as the storage bin is long.)
Two hose clamps approx. 4 inches in diameter.
Caulk or silicone sealant.
PVC cement.
Small or mid-size Fogger.

1) Using a hacksaw, cut 2 small pieces of PVC pipe. A few inches is enough.
2) Use the PVC cement to glue together the adapter to the 2 elbows using
the small pipe pieces. Make a giant "U" joint.
3) Measure the height from the bottom to mid nozzle of your fogger (A).
Measure from opening to opening of your "U" joint (B).
4) Subtract A from B to get C. C will be around 9 inches. You will be
cutting holes in your plastic bin that are centered C inches from the top
of the bin since you will want to create the following configuration later:
5) Carefully use a razor knife or other cutting utensil to cut holes
on both sides of the plasic bin large enough to accomodate the PVC pipe.
(The center of the hole will be positioned "C" inches from the top
as described above. Using a hacksaw, cut 2 pieces of the PVC pipe 5 to 6
inches long. Glue the pieces into the holes with the caulk or silicone sealant.
6) Cut wire mesh to inside length of bin (it will connect the 2 pipes
inside the bin.) Roll it into a tube and cut off excess. Attach wire tube
to each pipe inside with a hose clamp.
7) When it's SHOWTIME: Fill bin with enough ice to cover over the
wire tube. Attach U joint to one side of bin (DO NOT GLUE.) Place lid on bin,
set fogger on top of bin with smoke blowing into the adapter (small opening)
of U-Joint.
8) FOR a somewhat easier and slightly less expensive version,
you can forgo the elbows and making the U-JOINT. But you cannot
put the fogger directly into the plastic bin. You must still run a good
foot and a half of pipe. This is because the smoke will be too hot entering
the bin and will not cool down sufficiently. (This is why many commercial
Halloween chillers do not work. Their compact size does not allow for the
cooling to take place.)
The drawbacks here are the cumbersome length and the need
to prop the fogger up several inches off the ground.
"And it makes for a handy storage-bin"
When Halloween is over,you can store the U-Joint inside the bin along with
some of your other small Halloween stuff.
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